Episode 1- Art Ally on the birth of biblically responsible investing

with Orlando Aska & Brian Mumbert

Mr. Ally discusses how he was motivated by biblical principles to create Timothy Plan. He saw a gap in the market for investors who wanted to make a difference not only financially, but also morally and ethically. This led him to develop a screening process that evaluates companies based on their actions and values rather than just their financial performance. With the increasing popularity of BRI, it is clear that more and more investors are recognizing the importance of investing with purpose.

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Episode two- giving not just locally, but globally.

Melissa Heiland, President, and CEO of Beautiful Feet International sits down with us to discuss the work her ministry is doing around the world to spread the gospel and to teach at-risk women about the value of their lives and the lives of their babies through the love of Jesus Christ. Melissa’s organization has been responsible for hundreds of pregnancy centers worldwide. They train and equip those in disadvantaged communities with ultrasound equipment, prenatal vitamins, and parenting classes to help support new mothers. COMING SOON.

Episode three- esg vs bri

 Brian Mumbert & Orlando Aska discuss the ever changing dynamics of an increasingly woke marketplace. The conversation around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing versus Biblical investing is one that has been gaining more and more attention in recent years. As consumers become more conscious of the impact their investments have on the world, many are looking for ways to align their financial decisions with their biblical values.

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